about us

KM Green Vision

KM GREEN VISION is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the wide range of Geo synthetic products, Building products and other waterproofing materials. Our product portfolio comprises of thermally bounded Geo composite, Geo membrane sheet, Geo textile, Geo bag, Geo cell, Dimple drain board, Grass paver, Drain cell, Garden net, Pond liner, Vertical garden, Jute geo textile etc.

We believe that the construction industry looks for solutions that are innovative yet durable and reliable. Our enterprise aims to make the industry more precise by serving elegant products which are suitable for modern construction.

KM GREEN VISION products are distinguished for its QUALITY & ECONOMY. KM serves with unique & innovative range of quality products, durability, dedicated work force, eco-friendliness etc. These attributes have helped us to achieve customer satisfaction and a remarkable position in the industry.

Our Mission Statement

At KM Green Vision, we aim at becoming a global leader in the fields of Geo-Synthetic products, by maintaining the quality, innovation and trustworthiness with our technological prowess and a commitment to supplying the best quality products at competitive prices.

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